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Available only through our Partner Network.

Every Caple loan is processed through an independent accountant or advisor. As a Caple Partner you are the centre of communication and responsible for the creation of the loan for your client throughout the loan process. From the first point of contact through an initial rating, the financial model, the funding proposal and the completion of the process.

Our platform

A user friendly and intuitive online experience

With Caple's online platform you can easily run through the different steps of the funding process. Within minutes you can test if your client is eligible for a loan via Caple. If these tests pass, you will be guided, step-by-step, in the creation of your funding proposal. Would you like to see a demo of our platform? Please contact us.

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Advantages for partners

Credit for SME's

There is no financial relationship, commissions or fees between you as Partner and Caple. There is no duty of care from Partners to Caple. You are expected to charge your client directly for your services within your client mandate.

Funding from Caple doesn't require security or personal guarantees
Fairly Priced
Pricing is fair and transparent with no hidden charges
Long term
Long-term loans ranging from five to eight years

About Caple

Facilitating growth through solid alternative finance

Caple is the European specialist in SME growth credit. We always interact with our SME clients through a network of independent and experienced professional advisors; our Partners. We support them with our technology and expertise in SME credit and provide the link to institutional distribution capability.

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