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Why Caple?

Caple will provide you with long term growth credit that fits your needs, and on fair terms and conditions. Credit is based on an in-depth funding proposal prepared by your Financial Advisor, our Partner. This includes an analysis of your business, your strategy and your expected cash flows. It is assessed with the expertise and the experience of Caple. No security or personal guarantees are needed and we offer terms between five to eight years. Caple charges a processing fee upfront and no further charges. You also pay a fixed interest rate and separately the costs charged by your Financial Advisor.

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An appropriate security package is structured which may include some personal guarantees
Fairly Priced
Pricing is fair and transparent with no hidden charges
Long and short term
Loan terms ranging from either one or five to eight years

About us

Funding for established SME's to support long-term growth

Caple is the European specialist in SME growth credit. We interact with our SME clients through a network of independent and experienced professional advisors; our Partners. We support them with our technology and expertise in SME credit and provide the link to institutional distribution capability.

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