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Attractive growth credit for you, a SME entrepreneurs. Always advised by your Partner.

As an SME entrepreneur you are looking for additional long term credit and your bank will not provide you the full amount needed. Caple can provide the missing part because we base our credit on your entrepreneurship, on the quality of your business plan and the future cash flows of your business. Our network of independent Partners enables a professional and effective approach with a strong local presence.

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Your Financial Advisor has direct access to our online technology platform. Using this they will advise and complete an open and transparent credit process. This starts with an initial rating which quickly indicates what the options are. A positive rating results in a financial model which is then included in a comprehensive funding proposal. Based on all these elements Caple and your Partner will build a tailored credit structure that fits your business and its ambitions.

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Our business loans range from £500k to £5m. They are funded by institutional investors. Who invest on a long-term basis and prefer to support proven and ambitious SME entrepreneurs like yourself.

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You will be charged a fixed interest rate on the outstanding principal and an upfront processing fee of 1% - 2%. Furthermore you will be charged an advisory fee by your Partner. After two years, you can repay the loan free of any costs. Caple works with a Partner Network in order to guarantee professional and independent advice on credit proposals.